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Claiming tuition for 2017 not on 1098-T

I paid tuition for Spring 2018 in December 2017 and HRBlock File at Home does not mention being able to claim that for 2017 until I read up on it. I only received a 1098-T for Fall 2017 but not for paying Spring 2018. Do I enter two entries for the same school? One for 1098-T received and the other what I paid for Spring 2018 in 2017? How do I enter the information next year when my 1098-T does reflect the Spring 2018 Tuition costs since I claimed part of it for 2017?

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Re: Claiming tuition for 2017 not on 1098-T

Hello eliasc1,

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According to IRS Publication 970, "Generally, the credit is allowed for adjusted qualified education expenses paid in 2017 for an academic period beginning in 2017 or beginning in the first 3 months of 2018." What this means is that according to the tax rules, any amount of education expenses that you paid for in 2017 even if it is for classes in 2018, they are reported on the 2017 return. When you claim the expenses paid in 2017 for classes in 2018, you cannot claim them again in the 2018 return.

For your situation, if you received two different Form 1098-Ts even for the same school, you should enter them separately in the H&R Block tax program. If your situation is where you only have one 1098-T for the school tuition, but you paid additional amounts for the tuition, in the H&R Block online tax product, on the screen that asks you to enter the dollar amounts on either box 1 or box 2 of your Form 1098-T, there should be additional question that asks if the amount you entered is the full amount paid in 2017. You would then click No to this question to generate another box to enter a combined amount of tuition paid in 2017 for the classes in 2017 and Spring 2018.

In the H&R Block desktop/downloaded software, on the screen called "1098-T tuition", you will see three boxes. The first two pertain to box 1 and box 2 of your Form 1098-T, and there is a third box for "Tuition and Fees paid in 2017." This third box, "Tuition and Fees paid in 2017" is where you enter the combined total amount of tuition paid to the school in 2017 for the classes in 2017 and Spring 2018.

If you have any other questions, I'll be glad to help.

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