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City Assessment

My neighborhood was annexed by the city and several years later they came in with "improvements".  These were to replace deteriorating water pipes.  At that time, they also added sewer pipes as our neighborhoods are on septic tanks.  This came with a price tag of $6K assessed to all properties within the given "improvement" area.  I believe that this is a tax deduction, but can't really find out any info on it.

I now pay yearly with interest (am allowed 10 years to pay off).  This amounts to about $900-$1,000/year.  Gets less as years go by.

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Re: City Assessment

Hello mategee7,

According to the tax rule instructions for itemized deductions, tax assessments that are for making improvements in the neighborhood, such as building a new structure or making a replacement like replacing old pipes, are not tax deductible. Any interest paid on these improvement assessments are not tax deductible as well.

If you have any other questions, I'll be glad to help.

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