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Changes since last year

I got divorced last year and in 2016, we were married filing jointly.

I did not work so my spouse took care of the taxes.

Now that I am on my own it's asking me if I filed last year. 

I don't know if I need or can get AGI from then. 

How will this affect me? Can I just say no I didn't file last year? 

What do I do? 

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Re: Changes since last year

Hello amr3179,


Welcome to H&R Block Community.


Since your previous return was filed married filing jointly, you may have an issue with the IRS e-file system accepting your return this year. To find the AGI that the IRS is looking for, you can use one of the options listed under Alternative Methods on this page: Otherwise, you may have to paper file your return to avoid an e-file acceptance issue.


If you filed last year, which it sounds like you did, then you should answer the questions accurately to assure the IRS system processes your return properly.


I hope this helps you out!


Lacy J

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