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Can the IRS file a return in my name?

I just got a CP14 stating that I owe interest from my 2009 married filing joint taxes accrued from that time to present. In 2014, I called the IRS and asked for a payoff amount. It was given and I paid the taxes in full. I have a transcript from that time showing my payment and a balance of zero.


After receiving the notice, I called the IRS and was told that I had filed 2 returns in 2009. Of course the agent abruptly hung up on me precisely at 7PM. I pulled the transcript for 2009 again and saw that it changed. It showed that I had a balance, as of 4/30/2018, My filing status was single, with 1 exemption and zero income or tax. It also showed that I had filed a tax return either on 2/28/2018 or 4/9/2018, which is just not possible.


What is going on? Can the IRS charge me interest on a balance that they didn't tell me about or give me notice of, after they told me that I didn't owe anything? Who filed the second 2009 tax return?

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Re: Can the IRS file a return in my name?



Since you paid in full the “payoff amount” of your 2009 Married Filing Joint tax return and have a transcript reflecting this as confirmation, there should not be additional tax, penalty or interest due. The only exception to this would be if your 2009 return was audited or at minimum computer checked for underreporting and there was an additional Form or income source which was not included on your original 2009 return. For example, if a 1099-MISC was inadvertently left off your original return, there would be an additional tax assessment plus penalty & interest due. This however would be clearly evident on a 2009 Wage & Income (W&I) transcript. A W&I transcript is different than an account transcript which is what it sounds as though you have in hand (ie, transcript that shows balance, payments, so forth).  


It would be recommended to request a W&I transcript and compare it to the account transcript for the same period you have. Assuming there was no additional tax assessment, have your proof of payment & IRS notice reflecting the -0- balance ready & call the telephone number on the CP14. Unfortunately, there is no other way to respond to this Notice and get resolution without direct phone contact.


I hope this helps,