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Can I correct a 2012 tax report mistake?

Hi all,


I recently realized I have mad a mistake on filing my taxes for 2012.I was a student last year and worked part time on-campus during the Fall semester of 2012. 


I must note that I was an international student and did not have a SSN. Long story short, the information I got from my university was either incorrect or misunderstood from my end. As a result, I filed my taxes saying I had no income in 2012 since tax was already deducted from my payments.


Anyway, I have realized my mistake and I want to correct it. How could I do this? Can I send an additional form to the IRS including the income I had in 2012?


Thanks for the help in advance. 

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Re: Can I correct a 2012 tax report mistake?

Hello Legbe, and welcome to The Community.

First I want to say that you may need to discuss your tax situation with a Tax Professional in person because there may be a lot questions needing to be answered before analyzing what will be needing done to amend your 2012 tax return.

When filing your original return, you should have also filed an application (Form W-7) for an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) being that you are not a citizen/legal resident who was not issued a Social Security Number. I believe the possibility exists that the IRS may not have accepted your return as "filed" without this information. Here is a link to information (including forms) regarding ITIN's. I hope you find this helpful.

Good luck to you.
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