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Calculated Incorrect Alabama State Tax.

I found that the software does NOT accurately calculate taxes with income that is tax exempt.   The software consistently did not take out my military retired pay and out social security no matter where or what I did.   Since I had already done the federal,  I couldn't figure out how to go into the program and change the income in the software.  The same thing happened last year so I had to resort to using the online forms from the state to correctly calculate taxes. 


While I am no tax expert,  it is relatively easy to figure out your taxes when you have only one W-2 taxable in alabama.   I am done with this software since it quit working, AGAIN, anyway.


If you live in alabama,  do the online forms from the state first.  

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Re: Calculated Incorrect Alabama State Tax.

Hi emfrebuilding,


I'm sorry that you ran into this issue.  You are correct that Alabama excludes social security and military retirement incomes from taxation.  This issue could also be being caused by any number of things.  So one option that is available to you here is to give Block's client service center a call at 1-800-HRBLOCK (select option #2 and then option #3 to bypass the automated system) and they will have the ability to pull this up and look at it to see where the problem is.




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Re: Calculated Incorrect Alabama State Tax.

I experienced this problem with my 2016 Taxes today, 18 Apr 17.  The solution is quite simple, although not exactly self-evident.  On the "Pensions and Annuities" screen, it automatically shows the amount of exempt income you received (Federal Pension and Annuity Income) BUT you must manually retype that figure in the box below (Excludable Pensions).  Then the software works fine.  I'm unsure as to why the program is written that way, but perhaps there are other adjustments to the number automatically calculated.