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Bonus? without withholding

Hello! My employer is only withholding maybe half of what he should be in both Federal and State taxes. This has significantly reduced my tax return filed with my wife on the Federal side, and caused us to owe on the State side. What can be done about this?

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Re: Bonus? without withholding

Hi carrmor,


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What your employer withholds is determined by how you filled out your Form W-4 when you started your job.  If you claimed 2 exemptions or more your withholding will be significantly lower than you may have previously been used to.  If you claimed 1 exemption it will be about half what would be withheld at the maximum level of withholding.


The way to get more withheld is going to be to fill out a new Form W-4 through your employer.  I would suggest claiming 0 exemptions, especially if you have a significant income.  This will result in a minimum of 10% withholding.  If you figure how much tax you will owe on your expected income that will tell you how much you need to withholding.  For example, if your taxable income after deductions & exemptions is $60,000 and you're a single taxpayer then your tax liability is $10,776.  So in that scenario you would need to claim zero exemptions (10% withholding = $6,000) and + request an additional $4,776 in withholding (roughly $90 per paycheck if you get paid weekly) over the course of the year in order to not owe any tax.  You can request additional withholding on each paycheck by entering the additional amount of withholding per paycheck that you would like on Form W-4.


If you have any other questions I'll be glad to help.



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