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Amended Return

I filed an amended return and the tax pro didn't inform me it needed to be sign before sending it in. I sent it in its been over a month haven't heard anything and its still not in the system and they sent my husbands back to be send but not mines and I cant get any information about it. Will I be waiting 16 weeks for them to send it back to me.

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Re: Amended Return

It's possible. I'm assuming you and your husband each filed a return as married-filing-separate since you said he received his to be signed, but you didn't receive yours.  If you didn't sign, you'll need to wait for the IRS to realize it and send you something requesting your signature.  Since it can take up to 16 weeks to process the amended return, you could be waiting that long.  I've read that it's possible that if you sent a check in for an amount you owed with your amended return they may or may not send it back for a signature, but if you're due a refund, that they will need your signature before they can complete the processing.


There is a link on this site that you can use to check to see if it's been processed, but it's likely you've already found it based on your question. .


Sorry I don't have better news.