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Amended Return - Please Advise

I am writing to express my frustration with the very unprofessional service I am experiencing with H&R Block.  I was recently contacted by the IRS stating that my 2015 taxes were never filed.  I immediately called the manager of the local H&R Block office.  She was also the person who completed my return last year.  She immediately got defensive & argued that my return was indeed filed.  She said to stop into the office for a copy of the return so that I could call the IRS with my information.  I stopped in twice & twice she forgot to have it ready.  Finally, she called me & asked that I stop in to discuss the reason for the "rejected return".  When I arrived she met me at the front desk with no intent on reviewing anything.  She asked me to sign the piece of paper she held & then she would mail it for me.  I was caught off guard, so I asked to take it with me & return it later after I reviewed it.  After googling for answers, I found the cause for the rejection.  Apparently, when I filed my return - claiming both of my sons as dependents, my return was rejected because the proper box was not checked on ether of their returns.  Important to note that the manager also completed one of my son's returns at the same appointment & she was well aware that I was claiming him as my dependent.  My other son had graduated in 2015 & barely made enough to file.  However, the "can someone else claim you as a dependent" box was not checked on his return either.  The person completing his return graduated with him & was employed by H&R Block for under a month.  I also noticed that the manager's name was not on my return as the person who filed.  I have never met the person named.  My return had been amended & resubmitted twice without my knowledge & both times rejected.  Also, I paid cash for my visit last year including a $40 coupon.  The return from last year listed the H&R block fee of $183 that would be subtracted from my return!  I should have been notified immediately when my return was rejected or revised, but I was not.  This brings me to the present point.  I made an appointment this past weekend with a gentleman to discuss my return - at the same office.  I was hoping for some answers.  He was nervous about explaining the mistakes.  However, he said the amendments that the manager made to my return were correct.  My return was decreased by over $1000 due to the errors.  Just wanting to get this taken care of I signed my name.  He signed the person's name that supposedly completed my return originally!  He gave me the return & told me to mail it in.  I left the office & within 20 minutes he called me to come back in.  He said that he just got off the phone with the manager & she wanted to include a letter to the IRS explaining the errors.  I took the return back in & asked for a copy before leaving.  He said he would supply a copy of it & the letter the following day.  I called in the next day to see if it was available & the manager answered the phone.  She said to stop in after work.  I was very upset to find that no one had left anything for me.  However, the receptionist searched and found a photo copy of the return on the preparer's  desk.  The name that he had signed the day before was "whited" out & my name was re-signed!  The receptionist called the manager & was told that the gentleman never called her & that there was never discussion of including a letter with my amended return.  If possible, please advise what I should do at this point.  

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Re: Amended Return - Please Advise



I'm sorry to hear you had a poor experience at an H&R Block office. Please look for a private message from me.