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Adjusting business income on a schedule C

We purchased a small, service oriented business last year.  As a part of the sales agreement, we paid a certain percentage on the jobs the first time we completed them to the previous owner.  That should be deductible, correct?  How would we go about either deducting that from business profit, or adjusting the business income?

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Re: Adjusting business income on a schedule C

Hi Tiffany1213,


So what happened here is you paid the previous owner a royalty.  You can deduct this on Line 10 of Schedule C as a commissions and other fees deduction.


If your business is a partnership, S Corporation, etc. then it may be a little bit different because you'll file using a different form, but this will still be deductible from your business income.


If you have any other questions I'll be glad to help.



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Re: Adjusting business income on a schedule C


I paid a sales agent commission and submitted him with a 1099-misc.  Where do I enter this into the schedule C on commissioned fees.