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Adding a 1099SA information to already filed federal taxes!

I recently e-filed my taxes, and was unaware that I needed to add information from my 1099-SA HSA.  What do I so now, can't get help from anyone to tell me what to do.

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Re: Adding a 1099SA information to already filed federal taxes!

Hi les2,


Welcome to the community.


In order to corrcect this, you will need to file Form 1040X (Amended Tax Return).  Make sure that you wait until your original tax return has been processed before filing Form 1040X.  If you receive a letter with different instructions from the IRS, for example if they request a certain form instead of an amendment, then you'll want to follow the instructions in the letter.


You will need to add a Form 8889 (Health Savings Accounts) to your tax return.  This is easy, and if you used all of your distributions from the HSA for medical expenses then the distributions will not be taxable.  Any contributions you made out of pocket will be deductible, however make sure that you enter any employer contributions in the correct place because those are not deductible.


In order to complete an amended tax return you will need to complete your tax return the way it should be done with the corrections made.  Then enter the amounts from the original return in column A of Form 1040X, the amounts from the newly completed return in column C of Form 1040X, and the difference between columns A & C in column B of Form 1040X.  Finally, complete the remaining few boxes at the bottom of Form 1040X to determine your additional refund amount or additional amount owed.


You can complete the amendment in the online tax software if you did you original return through H&R Block online.  Look for the link to "amend my return" as you log into your online account and go to your taxes.


If you did not complete your return online then a tax professional at any H&R Block office can assist you.


Hope this helps you out & please ask if you have any other questions.

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Re: Adding a 1099SA information to already filed federal taxes!

I am in a similar situation.  I filed a Form 8889 when doing my 2015 taxes but didn't have or know I needed a 1099-SA.  I used all of the disbursements for medical bills and meet the requirements to not be taxed for it.  I have also filed my 2016 taxes so I can't use the software to correct my 2015 I have learned.  How do I amend my 2015 taxes to include the 1099-SA?


Thank you

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Re: Adding a 1099SA information to already filed federal taxes!

Has the IRS contacted you about omitting your 1099-SA from 2015? You could wait and if they do, simply reply with a revised Form 8889 at that time. Whether you amend now or wait, there is no difference in taxes due.


Alternately, you may be able to purchase a desktop version of the 2015 H&R software and amend your 2015 return that way. I have never done this but it seems possible to me although I'm not sure of the steps you would need take or if your 2015 tax file can be retrieved from H&R.


One other option is to download the forms from the IRS website and amend by hand. It shouldn't be that difficult since you would be working on one form (8889) and Form 1040X.