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2015 Ohio School District tax

So I just got a notice from the state saying I didn't pay any school district tax for 2015. I know that the tax was withheld from my check and I filed my state taxes with H&R block. Now, the state is saying I owe a lot of money. What do I do? Why wasn't this filed with my taxes??



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Re: 2015 Ohio School District tax

Hi ebeach,



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It sounds to me like you either didn't file a school district tax return or your owed more tax than what you paid.  I would review your tax return, with a tax professional if necessary.  Check the return for errors and to be sure that your tax that was withheld from your paychecks was entered correctly.  A "second look review" is free at any H&R Block office.


If an error was made you can amend the tax return, and 95% of the time that will correct the problem.


Note that there are some school districts and localities below the state level who impose an income tax and have a separate (but simple) paper tax return.  You may need to file a district tax return separately from the state return unless your state is one of those that handles everything at the state level and then sends collected taxes to its districts & localities that have an income tax.  A tax professional in your area will know if you need to file a separate return for the school district.



If you have any other questions I'll be glad to help.



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