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15 day deadline

I’m currently still in the process of a mail audit. It started with a multiple calls and hours of waiting on hold before I was informed that the IRS showed I had OVERstated my income. I finally received a letter with a 30 day deadline and I provided copies of my W-2s, etc. After a few months of “we’ve received your correspondence” letters and more phone calls my claiming of the American Opportunity credit suddenly became an issue and I received a letter with a 30 day deadline to send proof of my educational expenses.

Then on Nov 27th I received a letter saying that my expenses were confirmed but that the AO credit and Earned Income credit were denied because I was showing to be married and my return would be changed to Martied-filing separate. The letter stated that I had only 15 Days From the date of the letter (which would be Dec 2nd) to send a Divorce Decree or the changes would be considered agreed upon. I promptly faxed them a copy, but out of fear (they’ve failed to receive my fax once before) I also mailed a copy certified return receipt but the USPS website isn’t showing it as delivered yet.

Is this subject to the mailbox rule?
Is it normal to only be given 15 days to respond?
What recourse do I have if they amend my return anyway or claim they didn’t receive my letter in time?
Is there any recourse if a letter from the IRS with a deadline involved is lost in the mail?

Considering my meager income and the fact that my return was very simple I’m perplexed that this has become such an ordeal. Yet I’ve provided all the requested documents as proof and I cannot simply stand by and lose the $1300 difference in the return owed to me.