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1099R taxable amount question


I got a 1099R form following the death of my mother in 2016 and in the form, box 1 has an amount stated and box 2a with the same amount there. In 2b: taxable amount is not determined, and box 7 the code is 4. What would be the taxed amount in box 4 since there is no amount. Is there any additional forms that must accompany my 1040 return? The original account was a Traditional IRA in which it became an Inherited IRA and I am under the age of 59.



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Re: 1099R taxable amount question

Box 4 is blank because you had zero tax withheld from the distribution. The reason taxable amount is not determined is because the issuer did not have enough information to determine if the 2a amount is correct for your specific situation. The program should ask you a series of followup questions to calculate the correct taxable amount.

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Re: 1099R taxable amount question



I am sorry for your loss.  With regards to the taxes, generally amounts distributed will be fully taxable. The primary exception to this is if the account has after-tax contributions that provide a basis usually indicated in box 9b.  If you have an entry there additional work will have to be done to find the correct taxable amount. If you see no entry but want to be sure you can contact the plan trustee and ask if all contributions were pretax.