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1099 Schedule C

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I starting selling products for a company and they send out a 1099 Schedule C. I am trying to fill out my taxes but in order to file my 1099 I have to pay for the business program. My year to date comission is only $75, do I have to file it? I haven't even recieved my 1099 yet but I know they are sending them out this week.

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Re: 1099 Schedule C



Have you tried to enter the $75 you earned as a comission on line 21 (other income) and have it be not subject to SE tax?

Since you made less than the threshhold for Self-Employment Tax (SE Tax) you would not be liable for that tax.  And,

entering it on line 21 would fulfill the requirement to report the income you made.


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Re: 1099 Schedule C

As a side note, if your income was only $75, you may not receive a 1099-MISC for that amount. The payer is only required to issue a 1099-MISC if they pay more than $600 for the year.
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