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1099 S Issue will not fix

I did not make any sales that required a 1099 S.  I have gone back and deleted but it still shows this error.  I can't file until I clear this error.  Please help.  I have redone everything and it still won't clear.


Error resolved
Some information is missing for at least one sale included on your return. Click Fix One or more of your 1099-S assets are missing information. You must tell us the description, ownership if married filing jointly, date acquired, date sold, sales price, and basis for each asset.
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Re: 1099 S Issue will not fix

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I had the same problem.  Sat in a chat line for hours, but got it resolved.  I had imported 1099-Bs and hadn't reviewed them all.  I was told to go back to my 1099-B topic and edit EVERY one of my stock sales.  It got tedious, but it worked.


Your issue may be different, but it doesn't hurt to try.  Here's hoping.  Smiley Happy